Are you a high-energy, outdoor and sports lovin’ college-age student who loves the Lord and is looking for an opportunity to spend your summer in ministry? Are you looking to do more with your summer and be a part of something bigger than yourself by allowing Christ to use you to eternally impact the hearts and minds of today’s youth? If so, then we want you!

Our staff consists of over 200 hand-picked college leaders and a leadership team of full-time and summer employees whose “job” is to minister to, coach, and love 3500+ campers over the course of a summer. We believe that our counselors are the most important component of camp.

A Summer Like No Other!


Base Camp:                         May 12 – May 14
Training Camp #1:               May 14 – May 19
–     Trip Leader Training
Training Camp #2:               May 20 – May 24
–     Ruddy Week
–     Rock Climb Training
–     Lifeguard Training
Training Camp #3:               May 25 – May 29
–     High Adventure Training
Orientation (mandatory):     May 30 – June 10

Camper Sessions

Summer One:                June 10 – June 18
First Term:                     June 20 – July 2
Second Term:                July 4 – July 16
Third Term:                   July 18 – July 30
Fourth Term:                 Aug 1 – Aug 13

Family Weekend:          Aug 13 – Aug 15
Extra Innings:               Aug 15 – Aug 18

Whether it is during a talk in cabin time or standing up on stage at the end of a term, it is such a joy to hear how Christ has changed the lives of so many kids."

~Andy Loud
Counselor 2005-08,10-11,13

Having the opportunity to coach kids and to see the joy, but also the defeat on their faces challenged me as a leader to point them to Christ in every situation."

~Jeremy Engbers
Counselor 2011-12

Sharing the good news of God to eager souls is the best way to feel near to him because HE is the one speaking.

Natalie Denny
Counselor 2019

The Presence of the LORD was so powerful and obvious!"

~Emily Nedley (Dinger)
Counselor 2012-13