Waitlist Information

If you have registered your camper and find that they have been placed on the waiting list, don’t panic or lose hope.  Here are answers for some common questions you may be asking.

What are my chances of being accepted?
We typically dig deeply into our waiting lists; there is always a chance you’ll get in.  The number of acceptances varies from term to term – we have taken anywhere from 1 to 120 campers off of a single waiting list.  Feel free to use the form below to inquire about your term specifically.

When will I know if my camper has been accepted?
You will know as soon as we know!  Waiting lists generally begin to move once we get to April and then through May and even into the summer.  Typically, by the start of May, we will have a much better idea of your status.  However, even if a spot were to open the night before the term, we would still do our best to fill the spot.

How will I know if a spot opens up?
If a spot opens up, we will reach out via phone and email.  As long as you get back to us within a reasonable time, we will be able to get you in!

What is the difference between my “identification number” and my “placement number”?
Every camper is assigned a unique identification number used to help identify each camper specifically.  Your placement number is a more realistic picture of where you stand on the waiting list.  Your identification number will always remain the same; your placement number will decrease as you move up the waiting list.

I have been on the waiting list for a while now, and have not seen any movement; does that mean I won’t get in?
Not necessarily.  We won’t see much movement until the beginning of April so if it’s before that time, we don’t expect to the lists to move much, if at all.  There is no reason for concern if this is the case.

If I can’t wait any longer and make other plans, what happens to my deposit?
If you let us know that you would like to be taken off the waiting list for any reason, your deposit will be fully refundable.  And, if the term begins and you are still on the waiting list, we will refund your deposit within the first few days of the term.

How often should I check in about my status?  Will I miss my chance to get in if I don’t call or email often?
You’re welcome to check in as often as you’d like but we won’t give your spot away just because we haven’t heard from you prior to the spot opening up.  Once the spot opens, we would need to hear back from you in a timely manner, but frequent calls and emails won’t increase your chances of being accepted.

How many waiting lists can I be on?
You can be on as many waiting lists as terms you are available.  If you would like to add or remove yourself from any waiting lists, please call or email us.

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