We’re coming to camp! Now What?

No matter what time of year, the summer always seems to be just around the corner. Whether your camper is heading to Lake Gloria or the Que we want you to be ready. This page will hopefully serve to prepare parents for camp and make your experience with SB2W as good as your kids. Every Spring we mail out our Camper Information Packet which has load of information helpful for you and your camper.
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  • Pay tuition balance by April 1st.  If you are a current camp family, you should have received an email that included a Financial Information Sheet notifying you of your family balance due. Check your Inbox or Junk mail if you missed it. To pay the balance indicated on your Financial Information Sheet, mail us a check (payable to “SB2W”) or if paying by credit card, go to the Tuition Payment Form.  Call (814-629-9744) or email our office if you have any questions.
  • Submit camper health and waiver forms.  Each of your campers attending camp will need a completed health and waiver form.  You will be receiving an email later this spring with instructions on how you can do all this online. For us to best prepare to care for campers, health forms need to be completed at least three weeks prior to the start of your camp term.  Completing the health form ahead of time is REQUIRED!”
  • Pre-order camp clothing.  If you desire you may choose to pre-order camp clothing ahead of the summer to ensure availability of our most popular items.  Our camp store will not be open on Opening Day of each term this summer, and will only be open a limited number of times for campers throughout the term.  You can pre-order camp clothing right here on our website through our Pre-Camp Clothing Order Form.  You will also be able to deposit money into your camper’s store account with this form.  Items ordered by May 15th will be set aside for your camper’s arrival.
  • Deposit money into your camper’s personal store account.  We suggest between $20 – $30 be deposited in each camper’s store account for personal expenses such as toiletries, stationery, stamps, camera supplies, camp clothing, etc.  It will be assumed that the amount in the Personal Account is the limit on spending. There are NO LINES to wait in on opening day if your deposits are done in advance!  You can deposit money into their store accounts via credit card directly from the Camp Store Deposit Form.  Alternatively, you can send us a check.
  • Pack your bags. To help your kids do this we have put together a Packing List that comes as part of the Pre-Camp Special email. Click here if you need some help. The camp store doesn’t stock everything.

Now you are ready for camp. Time to hit the road. Click here if you need Directions

Welcome to Camp
On the first day of your term, plan to arrive at camp anytime between 2 and 5 pm. Please let us know if you need to arrive after 5 for any reason.  As you pull through the camp gates, the Captains will greet you to let you know your cabin assignment*. From there you can head straight to your cabin.  Your counselors will help you move in and get settled.  If you have completed every item on the Pre-camp Checklist there is no need to go to the office.  However, if you would like to be sure all your ducks are in a row you can always stop in.  If you need to deposit money in the camp store or have any questions please ask. If your son or daughter has any medications, please stop by the Health Clinic to drop them off.
Parents, brothers, sisters, and grandparents are all welcome to walk around camp until 5 pm.  Campers will start the term with a cabin meeting at 5 and dinner at 6.

*Cabin assignments are not available before opening day.   Cabin assignments are made based on age in order to better facilitate all of the programs, competitions, and activities at camp.  We do our best to honor cabin-mate preferences when campers are close in age, but there are occasions when meeting every request just isn’t possible.  Please let us know ahead of time if you have a specific cabin mate preference.

Everyone loves getting mail at camp! If you’d like to write your favorite camper or counselor, just put their name and cabin number on the top of camp’s address.

Lake Gloria camper mail
Camper Name & Cabin # (if known)
SB2W – Lake Gloria
111 Lake Gloria Road
Boswell, PA 15531

Que camper mail
Camper Name & Cabin # (if known)
SB2W – Que
250 Summer’s Best Lane
Hollsopple, PA 15935

We encourage you to send your personal letters rather than packages. Letters are more significant as they give a unique opportunity to encourage and connect. Share positive news about what’s going on outside of camp’s gates. You can also send your camper with pre-addressed envelopes in hopes of receiving more regular correspondence.

In case of An Emergency parents will be notified immediately. The office is staffed from 9 am to 5 pm, and messages are checked regularly in the evenings.
Lake Gloria phone – 814-629-9744, fax – 814-629-9057
Que phone – 814-629-1303

You won’t want to miss it!
Parents, friends and relatives are invited to join us at 10:30 am on the last day of camp for closing activities and camper awards. We’d love for you to participate in dining hall singing, discover the winning team, and enjoy the awards ceremonies with us. The schedule of events is listed below. Please plan to stay through all the closing day festivities.


  • 10:30 am Dining Hall Singing
  • 10:45 am Raising the Flag – at flagpole
  • 11:00 am Cabin awards ceremony – cabins
  • 11:45 am Camp awards ceremony – assembly area
  • 12:30 am Campers and families head home