Registration FAQ’s

When is the deadline for registering?
We operate on a rolling acceptance for camper registration. Returning campers from the previous summer will have their spot held for them until September 15th, after which new campers can fill open spots. Although most terms will fill up during the winter, wait lists are formed in order to fill open spots created from cancellations.

Should I still register my child if the term I want is on a wait list?
Yes, we usually dig deep into the wait list before the summer arrives, therefore it is a good idea to apply for the term you want regardless of availability. In addition we encourage you to apply for another term and if a spot opens up in your first choice term, you may transfer your enrollment (see question above).

Can my child be registered for a term that is full (our first choice), but also be registered for another term with the hope that they will get into their first choice?
Yes, it is common practice to register for more than one term as long as a preference order is clear. Registering your child for a term with a wait list AND registering them for another term, gives you the security that your child WILL be able to attend camp, but also leaves open the chance that they will get into the term you most desire. Enrollments can be transferred if a spot opens in your first choice (wait listed) term.

If my child is on a wait list can I get my deposit back if they do not ‘get in’ to camp?
Yes, if your child never gets accepted into a term, then your entire deposit is refundable. If you have chosen to pay by credit card, it will be refunded back to your card.

If I have to cancel my registration do I get the deposit or tuition payment back?
Reimbursements ARE available for cancellations, however, the reimbursement amounts are based on WHEN the cancellation was made. After your camper is accepted into a term, $10 is not refundable. After January 1st, $50 is not refundable. After March 1st, full deposit is not refundable. Full tuition is not refundable within three weeks prior to your term. Full refunds are available from the wait list at any time.

What is the cost for sending my child to camp?
2023 Tuition for the Summer One term is $590 by check and $610 if paid by credit card. A two week term tuition is $860 by check and $880 by credit card.

Why is there a difference in tuition if paying by credit card vs. cash?
As a non-profit organization, we have chosen to give a cash discount to those who pay with cash (check). We do all we can to keep your tuition costs as low as possible.

What is the difference between Lake Gloria and the Que?
For all intents and purposes both camps are the same. Over the years Summer’s Best Two Weeks’ popularity grew to the point where we needed to open another camp, so in 2003 we built the Que to alleviate the waiting lists of campers wanting to be in camp. Both camps are on lakefront properties, run by the same quality staff and designed for kids ages 8 to 18. Campers will experience the same great high adventure elements, wilderness trips, high-energy activities, and competitions between Roman and Galatian teams.
Minor differences include: water-skiing is available to some campers at Lake Gloria while the Que has Pickleball and Sports Majors, which are specific sports-skill periods throughout the term where kids can work on their skills in a sport of their choice.

Can I request cabin mates for my child?
Yes, you may request that your child be in a cabin with friends as long as they are similar in age (within 1 year). Please understand that we cannot honor all requests but we do our best to accommodate as many requests as we can. You can write up to two cabin requests anywhere on the application or in the Cabinmate Request field.

How does the Romans and Galatians team placement work?
Returning campers will remain on the team they were on in years prior. Immediate family will always be on the same team (does not include cousins). New campers with no family history will be placed on a team in such a way to make competitive divisions equal (10 Romans and 10 Galatians). Team requests are very difficult to accommodate due to the return rate of campers. Once a child is placed on a team they are on that team for life.