Camp FAQ’s

If I have to cancel my registration do I get the deposit or tuition payment back?
After acceptance, $10 is not refundable.  After January 1, $50 is not refundable.  After March 1, full deposit is not refundable.  Full Tuition is not refundable within three weeks prior to your term.  Full refunds are available from the waiting list any time.

Can I request cabin mates for my child?
Yes, you may request that your child be in a cabin with friends as long as they are similar in age (within 1 year). There is a limit of 2 requests per camper.  Please understand that we cannot honor all requests but we do our best to accommodate as many requests as we can.  You can place your requests on your application when you apply.  If you have neglected to do so please e-mail your cabin requests to and we can add them for you.

What is a Major and when do camper choose one?
Majors give campers a unique opportunity to develop sport-specific skills.  They also provide the background for great interaction between coaches and players.  Majors meet 4-5 times for an hour during a two-week term.  Campers have the opportunity to list each major in order of preference on opening day.  We do our best to put them in one of their top two preferences.  Majors are only available at the Que.

Can I visit my camper or call them during the term?
We don’t encourage parents to visit as it can be an interruption to their experience at camp.  Similarly, phone calls are a disruption to the campers’ activities.  For that reason, we encourage parents to write letters that can be read during rest period.

How do you deal with home sickness?
Our leadership team is experienced in caring for campers dealing with homesickness.  We view homesickness as a unique opportunity to build a relationship with a camper.  Our staff works through instances of homesickness by providing extra love, care and support.  We also work hard to keep campers engaged in camp activities.  In 99% of our cases of homesickness, campers turn the corner in just a few days of camp.

Where do your counselors come from?
Our counselors are hand-picked, Christian athletes and leaders from over 60 colleges and universities.  The year-round staff invests a large chunk of the year into putting our summer team together.  Each staffer goes through an interview, reference checks and a background check before being contracted to serve with us.  All staff participates in 11 days of training ahead of the summer, and many are with us for a whole month before campers arrive. 

What is in the camp store?
The camp store is the place to get all the latest camp gear.  We stock t-shirts, sweatshirts and water bottles.  In addition, the store also contains items like toiletries, stamps, stationery, disposable cameras, etc.

What is the difference between Lake Gloria and the Que?
For all intents and purposes both camps are the same. Over the years Summer’s Best Two Weeks’ popularity grew to the point where we needed to open another camp, so in 2003 we built the Que to alleviate the waiting lists of campers wanting to be in camp. Both camps are on lakefront properties, run by the same quality staff and designed for kids ages 8 to 18. Campers will experience the same great high adventure elements, wilderness trips, high-energy activities, and competitions between Roman and Galatian teams.
Minor differences include: water-skiing is available to some campers at Lake Gloria while the Que has Pickleball and sports Majors, which are specific sports-skill periods throughout the term where kids can work on their skills in a sport of their choice.

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