Friday , 23 February 2018
Take a Look!
“You are not going to believe it!”

“You are not going to believe it!”

You are not going to believe it! Those are some of my favorite opening words to any story. When you hear those words, you know that what follows is going to be unexpected…and hopefully really good!

I wonder if, on that first Easter Sunday, the women who told the disciples about the morning’s events started their account by blurting out, “You are not going to believe it!”

After all, it was quite a story.

An empty tomb.
An angelic visitor.
A risen Lord.

The story of Jesus’ resurrection was certainly one that the disciples didn’t expect.
Peter and John could hardly believe it. They ran to the empty tomb to see it for themselves.

While it may sound unbelievable, it’s totally true.   Jesus is alive.
The implications are huge. One of them is this — we can do more than remember Jesus as a great person. Because He’s alive, we can know and worship him in the present!

Might your whole week be an act of worship offered to our Risen Lord!