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Staff Alumni

Staff Alumni

Welcome Back!

A lot has happen here at camp since you have been gone and inevitably the same is true in your life.  We would love to reconnect you to camp and allow you to continue to feel part of the family.
Coming Soon: old pictures from yesteryear that will take you back.

“Where Are They Now”

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name: Joe Lab181553_10150096311208629_2616920_n
spouse: Kate Lab
years as a counselor: 2009-2011
team: Galatians
hometown: Kinzers, PA
favorite camp competition: Arena Soccer
favorite camp activity: Obviously Crafts
favorite camp meal: Anything I could use Hot Sauce on
job or employer: The Factory Ministries
best camp memory:
  Wow. How do you choose one camp memory? My favorite memories are the “wrap sessions” we used to have at night before we would go to sleep. The most honest and vulnerable discussions happened during these times. It was simply a time when all of us could be real with each other and share each others struggles, but also, a time to encourage one another in our walk with Christ.
name: Emily Holian294764_2045438464633_1504530287_31907506_1965839026_n
years as a counselor: 2010-2013
team: Galatians
hometown: Annapolis, MD
favorite camp competition: Arena Soccer
favorite camp activity: Tumbling
favorite camp meal: Circle pizzas. Hands down.
job or employer: RN in a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at the University of Maryland Medical Center
best camp memory:
  That’s way too hard… My actual favorite memories were all the little moments in Bible study seeing the Lord open up campers’ hearts to see Him and His truth. But one of my absolute favorite memories was being able to coach. I LOVE Jesus and I LOVE the Galatian team and I LOVE competition so I LOVED everything about coaching.
name: Sean Donnellanroman_coaches_flagpole
years as a counselor: 2002-2008
team: Romans
hometown: Rochester, NY
favorite camp competition: Legend Ball or Angleball
favorite camp activity: Que-Ha (High Adventure)
job or employer: Program Director at Doug Miller Soccer, Professional Ultimate Frisbee Player
best camp memory:  American Gladiators Surprise Night; watching the boys captains get chased up and pulled off the climbing wall by two buff gladiators for the unveiling of the night’s theme.

name: MedaLana Smithuntitled
years as a counselor: 2004-2008
team: Romans
hometown: Mount Olive, NC
favorite camp competition: Cabin Cleanup
favorite camp activity: Dining Hall Singing
favorite camp meal: Taco Night
job or employer: Assistant Track and Field Coach at Mount Olive College
best camp memory:  Tucking in the girls at night, campfires on the adventure trip, and seeing the red flag fly my last summer as a coach are a few highlights.
name: Nate Kucharik297_510651294242_2639_n
years as a counselor: 2007-2008
team: Galatians
hometownWexford, PA
favorite camp competition: Wrestling Meet
favorite camp activity: Ropes Course
favorite camp meal: Yellow Meal
best camp memory:  Ruddy week and High Adventure training were the best ways to start the summer. There was always a lot of work to do, but it was fun to see the camp evolve and get ready for the summer not to mention getting to mess around before all of the campers show up.
After going a whole year without a team, I finally got to coach first term 2008. Which was also my 4th straight term in the midgets. Such an amazing experience. Even though we lost, I loved every minute of it.

name: Doug Molhoekfamily
years as a counselor: 1998-2008
family members:  Spouse; Annie    Kids; Grace
team: Galatians
hometown: State College, PA
favorite camp competition: Soccer
favorite camp activity: Track
favorite camp meal: Circle Pizza01141200
best camp memory:  Way too many to pick just one. Some of the highlights have been the friendships I have made over the years through camp. It has been fun to see so many former campers on staff or even run into them at different places over the years. I loved the cabin times I got to have and the talks we got to have. Camp has been a major part of my life and I am thankful for it.
name: Beth Callinan (Mignon)230139_2093306852737_5507210_n
years as a counselor: 1987-1988, 1990-1994
family members:  Spouse; Doug    Kids; Josiah, Noah, Samuel
team: Romans
hometown: Kettering, OH
favorite camp competition: Heptathlon
favorite camp activity: Kayaking
favorite camp meal: After the Canoe Meet & Mile Swim: Chili & PBJ crackers
best camp memory:  the many trips down the river especially with the senior cabins. Also having the time in camp alone with the seniors to get more in-dept conversations with the seniors.
name: Laura Horn (Prack)
years as a counselor: 1978
family members:  Spouse; Don    Kids; Christopher and Benjamin
team: Romans
hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio
favorite camp competition: Kickball
favorite camp activity: Balance Beam
favorite camp meal: Surprise Night
job or employer: Counselor
best camp memory:
  As a camper my favorite night was the last camp fire where we all shared our special trouts. We sat around the camp fire and while we were listening to Jim talk the fire would start and you could see the flames but no one struck a match. It was such a quiet but personal tradition that I always looked forward to it.

name: Ted Ludwig
years as a counselor: 1970-1974
spouse:  MJ
team: Romans
hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
favorite camp competition: Track Events
favorite camp activity: Water Skiing
favorite camp meal: Spaghetti
job or employer: Pastor of Everyones’ Welcome Church
best camp memory:
  Being Co-Honor Camper with Mike Clark in 1969.

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