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Lake Gloria

SB2W-LG is home to over 1400 campers each summer.  Campers ages 8 through 18 compete in sports, explore creation on wilderness trips, participate in challenging activities, and build relationships with one another. Counselors are Christian athletes who love kids and model Christ to them in everything they do.  Through it all, campers learn what a life lived for Jesus Christ looks like.
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  • The People
  • The Property
  • Term Tuition and Availability
The greatest rivalry in all of sports is the Romans versus the Galatians. Every camper is a member of one of these teams and competes in daily athletic competitions within an age-based division. Our goal is to teach campers how to compete in a way that honors God. Here is a list of competitions that serve to make every year at camp an exciting and growing experience.
  • Soccer
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
    • Hockey
    • Ultimate Frisbee
    • Baseball/Softball
    • Water Polo
LGactDuring activity periods, campers strive to attain different levels of achievement and earn their “S”. Along the way counselors help campers develop life skills.  Some of these skills, such as swimming, canoeing, kayaking, and track events are developed and then put to use in the camp meets.  Other skills such as perseverance, conquering fears, and encouraging others are developed and then applied throughout life.  In every part of the SB2W experience teachable moments are used to coach the hearts of campers. Your campers will enjoy things like:
  • Swimming
  • Sailing
  • Zipline
  • Kayaking
  • Canoe
  • Tumbling
  • High Ropes Course
  • Trampoline
  • Climbing Wall
  • Archery
  • Wrestling
  • Waterski & Tubing
  • Blob
  • Track
  • Tennis
  • Crafts
The intense rivalry continues into four individual meets and one excited team relay meet that only happens at SB2W. Campers will strive to honor God with their very best. Here is a list of the competitive meets:
  • Heptathlon
  • Canoe Meet
  • Track Meet
    • Wrestling Meet
    • Swim Meet

LG Trips
Overnight wilderness trips give campers the chance to connect with God in His beautiful creation. These trips also provide an opportunity for campers to develop new skills and learn the basics of wilderness camping. Campers will create memories as they build friendships on one of the following trips:

  • Rock Climbing
  • Whitewater Rafting
  • Mountain Biking
  • Laurel Rumble
  • Caving
    • Adventure
    • Canoeing
    • Carmel eXperience
    • Hiking
Our staff consists of nearly 100 people who work hard to care for campers during their time at camp.  From cabin counselors to clinic staff, from the leadership team to cooks in the kitchen — each staffer wants campers to experience the best two weeks of their summer.
Cabin counselors are the best part of camp.  Each cabin of 10 campers has 2 college-aged counselors who coach, teach, lead and care for kids.  These staffers are hand-picked, Christian athletes from over 30 colleges and universities.
It takes a talented group of people to prepare meals three meals a day for more than  300 people.  Our cooks do just that.
The Kitchen Crew serves and cleans up after every meal.  They also take care of a number of other details (behind the scenes) that make camp run.   The Crew’s time at camp is marked by service and hard work. They are a great blessing to campers and staff.
Health Staff
Doctors and nurses volunteer a week or two of their time to care for campers’ health needs.  They distribute campers’ meds and are among the first to respond when campers have an injury or illness.  Camp couldn’t operate without the generosity of these skilled individuals.
Maintenance Staff
The maintenance Staff gets things done around the camp property.  Led by Jason Smith, they cut grass, fix toilets, build structures, dig holes, repair bikes, and set us up to win on wilderness trips.
Office Staff
The office staff consists of Nancy Welch and Alyssa Foldesy (some of the 10 most-organized people in the country) and a group volunteers.  They handle thousands of details including registration, answering the phones and sorting the voluminous amount of mail that arrives every day.
Leadership Team
The Leadership team is a group of people who have been around camp for a while.   Many have grown up as campers and have been counselors.  They coach, care for and develop cabin counselors.   The leadership team also serves behind the scenes to make things like meets, trips, and Summer Life Nights happen well.
Our founder, Jim Welch, still lives and serves alongside us all summer.  We benefit greatly from his sage wisdom and godly example. Praise God for his vision and more than 50 years of dedicated leadership.
perspctveSB2W Lake Gloria sits on a 140-acre site in the heart of the Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania. The property surrounds a beautiful 40-acre mountain lake and houses athletic fields and courts, high ropes activities, water sports, and numerous recreational activities and programs that target Campers ages 8-18. Our lakefront water-park, waterslide, climbing tower, and zipline ensure that we’ve got enough adventure to last a lifetime.

Summer One (9 days):  = $525…$545 if paid by credit card. 
June 15 – June 23

Two Week terms = $760…$780 if paid by credit card.
First Term: June 25 – July 7
Second Term: July 9- July 21
Third Term: July 23 – Aug 4
Fourth Term: Aug 6 – Aug 18


Term Dates Girls Availability Boys Availability
Summer One June 15 – June 23 Wait list Short Wait list
First June 25 – July 7 Wait list Wait list
Second July 9 – July 21 Wait list Wait list
Third July 23 – Aug 4 Wait list Wait list
Fourth August 6 – August 18 Wait list Wait list

“Open” = camper spots are currently available
“Filling Fast” = camper spots could be filled in the next couple weeks
“Nearly Full” = very few spots left until wait list is started
“Wait list*” = all camper spots are currently filled and new applicants are put onto a wait list. Note: We usually dig deep into the wait list before the summer arrives, therefore it is a good idea to apply for the term you want regardless of availability. In addition we encourage you to apply for another term, and if a spot opens up in your first choice term, you may transfer your enrollment. 

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