Friday , 23 February 2018


Are you a high-energy, outdoor and sports lovin’ college-age student who loves the Lord and is looking for an opportunity to spend your summer in ministry? Are you looking to do more with your summer and be a part of something bigger than yourself by allowing Christ to use you to eternally impact the hearts and minds of today’s youth? If so, then we want you!

Our staff consists of over 200 hand-picked college leaders and a leadership team of full time and summer employees whose “job” is to minister to, coach, and love 3500+ campers over the course of a summer. Whether you are looking to be at our traditional sports camps or at our urban youth sports camp, our counselors are the most important component of camp.

S Requirement Quick Guide for those of you interested in doing some off-season studying or interested in using it as a resource.

We begin to hire new staff around January 1st and will continue until all positions are filled. We usually fill all positions by March.
It is encouraged to have applications in by the end of December for the first round of hiring, but you are welcome to apply well beyond December.
Contact Timotheus Pope, with any questions.