Monday , 22 January 2018
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Counselor FAQs

Is it a paid position?
Yes!  We value the commitment you make to serve with us.  SB2W counselor salaries range from $2200 to $3000 for working the entire summer.  Pay is based on your year in school, the number of summers you have served on our staff, and your status as a lifeguard, or high adventure leader with us.

Do I need to work for the whole summer?
No!  However, all summer or 4 of 5 terms is ideal!  We expect all counselors to work at least 3 terms in order to provide some consistency in ministry at each camp.  Please indicate you overall availability on the counselor application.   All counselors are required to attend Orientation.  Working more of the summer will undoubtedly enhance your experience at SB2W!    Note: Not being available to work the last session of the summer can significantly reduce your chances of us finding a spot for you on our staff.

Do I have to be a college athlete to be on staff?
You do not need to be a college varsity athlete, but you do need a high energy level and a desire to grow in your ability to integrate your faith into every area of your life, including athletic competition.  We look for students who have a passion for Jesus, sports, kids, and the outdoors.

Will I be responsible for all activities and competitions?
As an SB2W counselor, you will be responsible for leading 3-5 activities that you have been trained to teach based on interest, experience, and ability.

What about my spiritual growth?
In addition to the growth that takes place through serving and teaching youth, counselors have opportunities for small group Bible study and accountability with fellow staff members under guidance of a member of our summer leadership team. Intentionality is a key to growth.

What is our hiring process?
There is nothing more important to us and the parents of our campers than the hiring, training and supervising our counselors.  Our hiring procedure involves a completed application, an interview by an SB2W full-time staff member and two reference checks.  Once counselors are selected for a contract, we also process a background clearance.  Hiring takes place now through March, however most positions are filled by February so don’t delay.