Friday , 23 February 2018
Citikidz Dream On Campaign

Citikidz Dream On Campaign

In 2012, Thomas and Sandra Usher donated their 130-acre camp property for
Summer’s Best Two Weeks to continue to fulfill the dream of teaching, training, and
transforming urban America through operating Citikidz. With the gift of this state of
the art facility comes the responsibility of stewardship as we partner with campers
who pay $120 in tuition for their experience while our cost is significantly higher.
We launched the Dream On campaign to raise $6.5 million and help meet the evergrowing
financial need to support campers from locations and demographics who
would not otherwise receive this opportunity. Since we started the campaign in
2012, we have raised over $3 million dollars, with the help of a generous family
foundation that has agreed to match $1 for $1 gifts up to $175,000 each year until
2021. There is still more work to do to reach our overall goal and we need your help
to sustain the momentum of the Dream On campaign. We need 2,000 monthly
donors or what we call “Dream Makers.” Dream Makers will help us continue to
reach urban youth, their leaders, and their communities. Would you consider joining
us in one of the following categories? We need:
1000 Dream Makers @ $15 per month
500 Dream Makers @ $20 per month
300 Dream Makers @ $30 per month
150 Dream Makers @ $40 per month
50 Dream Makers @ $50 per month
If you would like to contribute a different amount than listed, you are more than
welcomed. Together, we can continue the dream to leave a legacy and share a
destiny when you join the movement. If you are not already a Dream Maker please
join the dream team via monthly check, a secure Paypal monthly gift, or call 814-
629-9744 to provide your credit card information to our business office.
For e-mail version only… “ or click here to add your monthly commitment: “
All gifts are tax-deductible contributions. Thank you in advance for your prayerful
consideration and investment in the eternity of urban youth.
Thank you,