Friday , 23 February 2018
Take a Look!


Commandments Cliff Notes


An unfortunate common strategy found in many schools is students trying to get good grades with doing minimal work. I remember many classmates of mine trying to pass quizzes on required reading by merely studying the cliff notes of the assigned chapters. (Just so you know, it didn’t work very well!) In Matthew 22, Jesus gives a sort of cliff ... Read More »

The Resurrection led to SB2W


The existence of “Summer’s Best Two Weeks” traces back, in two ways, to Wednesday’s scripture passage in the One Minute Bible.  First, we would have no reason to worship Jesus, nor a desire to tell campers about Him if He had died and stayed in the grave.  Who would want to worship a dead person who wasn’t who he claimed ... Read More »

Pain now, Glory to come


Tuesday was an exciting day!  In the morning my sister gave birth to a baby boy, and that night my good friend gave birth to a baby boy as well.  What a delight to see new life!  I was reminded of the birth of my daughter.  The moment I saw her and she was placed in my arms is burned ... Read More »

Sow What?!


Linda and I were walking up to the camp office early this morning and, even though there was a chill to the wind, we were enjoying the blooming daffodils and blue skies … evidence that Spring is on the way. One of the scripture passages in the One Year Bible this week is the text for the Parable of the ... Read More »

Why this Friday is so Good


Every night about 8:00 pm the same thing happens! Like clockwork around that time the founder of Summer’s Best Two Weeks, Jim Welch, leaves his house and strolls down the road to the SB2W office. Trailing behind him is always a faithful shadow by the name of PJ. PJ is Jim’s dog, a black lab. Both of them are a ... Read More »

What Motivates You?

heart pump

Fearful? Prideful? Lustful? Is your “motivator” running on an inferior fuel?   What is it that motivates you to do the things you do? Why do you work hard at school? Why do you compete hard in sports? Why do you practice so much at your hobbies (an instrument, dance, video games)? Something is motivating you to approach life in ... Read More »

Map Please


Imagine with me that we are enjoying a nice hike through the mountains on a beautifully sunny day. Intrigued by its mystical appearance, we veer off the main trail, to take a barely worn path in hopes of finding a magical destination. In the midst of enjoying the twists and turns we don’t even realize the day is being brought ... Read More »



“I, even I, am the Lord, and apart from me there is no savior” (Isaiah 43:11) A few years ago, there was a tragic event that hit our national news: a six-year-old boy, walking with his parents on a sand dune at an Indiana state park was suddenly swallowed up by the sand and disappeared! A sinkhole had apparently opened ... Read More »

Keep Calm and Know That He Is God


Have you ever had a friend who seems like they have infinite talents and abilities? Like the more you get to know them, the more things you find that they’re good at. Well if someone were to pick up the Bible and start reading the Psalms they would quickly learn of all the things that God is. Likewise, if you’ve ... Read More »

I’m In Over My Head!


Maybe you last had that thought in a basketball game or swim meet when the opponent was really good. Or perhaps you were recently hit with a big project or loads of school work, and you thought to yourself, “I just can’t do this.” Maybe you sense that God has called you to do something really big – something that ... Read More »